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Choosing The Right Emergency Plumber In Dublin

Your home plumbing consists of a complex of pipes and fixtures that are working together to provide clean water and dispose waste. In almost all circumstances, most homeowners are taking their plumbing problems for granted. It may not be an issue today, but in months or years to come, it could lead to one problem into another. If leaks and plumbing issues are not fixed, more serious problems in the future can occur.

If we don’t pay attention to our plumbing system and ensure they are properly maintained, they could go wrong anytime. Sooner or later, you are already facing a plumbing dilemma.

Whether your plumbing issue is great or small, it needs attention. It needs a maintenance. Knowing an available 24-hour plumber that is within your reach is a relief when you encounter such a problem like this.

Since maintaining the home plumbing is crucial to any home, it is important to choose the right plumber to do the work.

Consider the experience and license

Local plumbers need to have experience and a license so we can assure that they can really do the job well. If they have these, they are more likely to perform work that can be trusted.

Gives warranty

Trusted plumbing companies stand behind their work and performance. They give warranty to their work. The length varies, depending on the work that needs to be done. Don’t take any plumber who cannot guarantee their work.

Pleasant personality

Regardless of the emergency plumbing, we always like to work with anyone who is friendly and very personable.

Issues a fair price

Nobody wants to get ripped off. Each of us wants a fair price and accurate estimate. So, to get a reasonable bill, ask for a quote and compare it with other plumbers.

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Emergency Plumbing Tips

Basic plumbing tips are the key to a successful renter or homeowner. Let’s face it, plumbing disasters can occur anytime and generally they happen without a warning.

Preparation on what to happen can lessen the apprehension. It is difficult to predict when and where a plumbing issue can happen. So from a leaking faucet to a leaking water heater, here are some of the tips that a homeowner should know:

Toilet Ghost Flushing

Did you notice your toilet spontaneously refills? It seems like someone is flushing it. if yes, then your toilet is experiencing a problem called phantom flushing caused by a slow leak from the tank. This needs to be checked by a plumber. 

If this case happens, this has something to do with a broken flapper. To get this fixed, you need to manually drain the water. If this still doesn’t fix the issue, then you have to replace your toilet flapper.

Leaking toilet tank

Leaking toilet tank

A hissing sound coming from your toilet is caused by a toilet tank leak. The water drips into the tank via the supply line. This leak can lead to an incredible loss of water if left undetected.

Leaking Faucets

Even small leaks in the faucet can have a big impact. It can cause wasting of 3 gallons of water per day. Such a major water wastage.

Leaking Water Heater

A leaking water heater can lead to major problems. If water leaks pool at the bottom, it is a serious indication of tank failure. The leak from the temperature and pressure relief valve can lead to overheating and too much pressure from the tank. A major problem can occur if the problem is unresolved.

Leaking Faucets

Clogged Toilets and Sinks

If you noticed water backing up after you flush, then your sewer line is absolutely clogged. The water can’t go down the drain. This needs fixing.

It is really difficult to predict these types of plumbing emergencies. But here are the basic things that you can do to get through a difficult circumstance.

Shut off the water source 

It is important for any homeowner to know where to turn off the water source when an emergency arises. This will help stop the water flow in the event of burst pipe or leaks.

Call an emergency plumber 

After trying your best and things still didn’t work out, your bet is to reach out a plumber. There are plumbers who offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services.

Find a temporary solution 

While waiting for the permanent fix from a plumber, find a temporary solution to control the leak. If you have already shut off the water source and the leak still persists, you may want to seal the leak so you can turn back on the water source.

No need to panic when the plumbing issue pops up. Whether it’s a clogged drain, broken pipe, a leaking toilet or faucet, we got you covered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to take care of your plumbing problem. 

How To Deal With Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are one of the most difficult problems that homeowners have to face every year. This is the last thing that anybody wants to tackle. The culprits for this are believed to be the freezing conditions, wear and tear or misuse.  

While this is the most chaotic plumbing issue, below are the quick steps you can do to slow down the impact of a burst pipe.  

Turn off the water source.

When water freezes, it expands to 9.80%. As it expands, it puts pressure on the pipes and finds a weak spot on the pipe. So, depending on the size of the leak and where it is, you might need to shut off water and electricity.  

Let the water flow in the faucets.

Release the remaining pressure in the pipes by opening the faucets.   


Call for help.

If your DIY plumbing skills fail, you need to find a professional plumber ASAP to minimize the effect of a burst pipe.  

Clean up after a burst pipe.

Get rid of the water as possible. This will prevent the occurrence of water damage.  

Turn on the heat source.  

Set up fans to blow heat into the cold rooms. Keep the faucet flowing and heat up the pipes to melt the ice.   

Open your doors.

As mentioned earlier, leave your doors open if you have pipes inside the closet to warm them up.  

Cover the leaks with rubbers.

Rubbers will serve as a clamp to the leak. Take note that this is just a temporary solution to the problem.  

Add a wooden bar to leaks.

A piece of wood prevents the pipes from collapsing. You can add the wooden bar on top of your rubber clamp to stop the water leak.  

Use a C-Clamp.

This tool can be used as a temporary fix while waiting for the plumber to arrive. This works by sealing the leak.  

Cut the damaged pipe.

You can remove the broken section of the pipe by cutting it using a saw.  

Clean the inside of the pipe.

Remove rust and corrosions in the pipe by cleaning it using a wire fitting brush.  

Connect the repaired pipe sleeve.

Slide the two cut portions of the pipes once the primer has dried.  Then slip it back over onto the other.  

Solder them together.

Join the non-damaged pipes by soldering them together. This is done after cleaning and fluxing of the pipes.  

Insulate the pipes.

Insulation helps prevent the future occurrence of burst pipes.  

Clean the damage.

Do your best to clean water as much as possible to prevent water damage and mold growth.


The Qualities of a Good Plumber

Finding the right plumber is a tedious work. When you look for a good plumber, it is important to ask for referrals from your friends or family members.

You need to avoid hiring a plumber who could make the situation worse. To hire a responsible plumber, here are the qualities that you need to look at:

The plumber you hire should know how to clean their mess

Since plumbing problems often come with messes, they should know how to clean up the area after the repair.

Plumbers should arrive on time

When you schedule an appointment, it is important to see if the plumber is timely. A responsible plumber should arrive on time and he should understand customer service and quality services.

Plumbers employ right tools

The right plumber should use the right tools and is able to handle different types of plumbing cases. He should have a clear understanding of which tools to use and which not.

Experienced plumber can easily locate the problem and fix it. A good plumber is highly able to complete the project with the least amount of time by using the right equipment.

Has integrity with regards to their work

A good plumber guarantees performance of their work. They need to stand behind their job and customer service.

In conclusion, these qualities show the work ethics of a plumber. If they are unwilling to stand behind the workmanship or the quality of repair, then you should not hire them.


Common Plumbing Issues That Can Damage Your Home 

Home Plumbing Explained

The plumbing system in your home includes huge piping that carries large amounts of home waste to the main drain on the daily basis. Common plumbing problems in the home include, but not limited to a clogged drain, flooding toilet, leaking pipes, foul smell and many more.  

While there are already self-help books and videos on how to fix these issues, it is still best to consult professional help if problems persist. A long-standing clogged drain means there is a deep problem within the home’s plumbing system. Say, for example, a plunger can remove excess water, but it doesn’t dissolve the clog. Leaving a clogged drain or pipe unattended can lead to a pipe burst, causing more mess and damage.  

Pipe Maintenance

Nothing lasts forever. Pipes break down in the long run and they needed a replacement. Pipes need an upgrade because over time they suffer from the elements resulting in corrosion, rust, and decays. It is advisable to not wait until it’s too late before getting your pipes repaired.  

From minor to major problems, plumbing issues come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the reasons for your eventual pipe disrepair is an extreme weather condition, especially during the winter season. Most pipes are made from copper and metal and when the cold season chills in, the mixture of hot temperature and harsh wind chill can lower the pipe resistance leading to tube failure, or worse, they can explode.  

If pipes are allowed to freeze and leak for a long period of time, homeowners couldn’t fix this issue anymore and only plumbers can solve the issue. In fact, this can be a very expensive project because the plumber needs to dig beneath your foundation to locate the leak. At this stage, this is going to need the plumber’s specialized skills and tools to get the leaking fixed.  

The bottom line is, home plumbing issue should not be left unrepaired, let alone ignored. In order, to keep these issues at bay, you need to pay close attention to the basic signs of plumbing problems, like extensive clogging, slowed drains or foul odors.   

If these problems are already long-standing contact a plumber to diagnose the problem. Ignoring this issue could lead to a more expensive damage. To get help with your plumbing issue in Dublin, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:  

What To Do With Gas Leaks At Home

Natural gas is the most preferred energy source because of its affordability. Today, many homes in Ireland are now using natural gas to provide heat and run other appliances. Despite its cost-effectiveness, natural gas is highly combustible and extremely harmful to your health. Gas leaks rarely and slowly happen, but they are poisonous and equally dangerous because it can cause fire and explosion hazards.

So, when you encounter gas leaks wherever and whenever you are, you need to take note of the following procedures:

Shut off Gas Supply at the Main Shutoff Valve

This is the first thing to do when you notice a gas leak. After turning off the gas main supply, it is also necessary to check the pipes and tubes by covering them with soap suds. When air bubbles appear, it means that there is a leak. When air bubbles form, identify the source of the leak. You can do this by locating the holes and then seal it.

In addition, hearing a hissing sound means the leak is strong and hence dangerous. If you are unable to repair the leak by yourself, get in touch with your plumber to get necessary professional help. One important tip for you is, avoid opening your doors and windows to contain the fumes if you haven’t closed the gate valve or turned off the main gas supply.

The idea is, we need to keep the fume inside the house and avoid spreading them into your neighbor's backyard.

Avoid Lighting a Fire, Turning on The Lights or Cellphone Usage

If there is a leak, lighting a match or using a lighter could cause an explosion. Switch off anything that is lighting and burning, including appliances. Anything that causes a little spark is absolutely a no-no when a natural gas leak is suspected.

General Safety Tips

If the leak cannot be stopped or uncontrollable, it is very important to evacuate everyone in the house or building and head to a safe location.
Also, secure all animals and pets. At this point, it is very crucial to take action. Do not use the elevator during evacuation and help disabled persons to go down a flight of stairs. As soon as the authorities arrive, lead them to the where the leak is. You will be asked to stay away until they completely checked the area and confirmed that the place is habitable again.

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Simple Checklist When Hiring a Plumber

Whenever you have plumbing issues at home, you need to find a highly qualified professional to get it fixed. Before hiring a plumber, it is very important to review this checklist to avoid getting things catastrophically wrong.

bathroom installation

Ask your friends or family members if they know a Dublin plumber

Word of mouth from your trusted friends and loved ones is a good proof that the plumber can be trusted.

Check if plumbers are licensed

When hiring someone to fix your blocked drain or clogged toilet, it is important to not just hire anyone who says he can do plumbing. The country is very good at measuring the skills of a plumber and making sure that they pass all the necessary tests. So, before making the hiring decision, make sure that the plumber obtained the permits necessary for his job.

Consider pricing

Plumbing project can get very costly. If you don’t do your homework ahead of time, some plumbers will try to overcharge you, to get as much from you as possible. So, collecting extensive  quote will help you compare prices and eventually hire the best one for the job.

Check for the plumbers’ experience

Plumbing is quite a demanding job and requires specific technical skills and knowledge. A good rule of the thumb is, find someone who has been in the business for 8-10 years. When it comes to measuring the plumbers’ ability to figure out things, there is no substitute for experience.

Make sure if plumbers are background checked

These service technicians are going to work in your home to make sure they are really trustworthy. To avoid letting burglars pretending to be plumbers into your home, check if service technicians wear uniforms with name tags.

Consider the response time

Calling the plumber and getting a response after 4 days is not ideal. Plumbing issue is considered an emergency service and this makes response time important when considering who to hire.

Check if they offer emergency services

Emergency plumbing can happen anytime. It is absolutely a relief if we know who to call during emergencies. So make sure your plumbing agency has a customer service representative who is ready to take your call after office hours. More than anything else, a flooded floor or clogged bathroom is considered an emergency so before hiring a plumbing company, check if they have an on-call plumber available to repair plumbing emergencies.

How to Hire A Professional Plumber in Dublin

Plumbing plays a great role in our daily lives. For instance, emergencies are always a cause for alarm, let alone anxiety, but we will never arrive to a solution if we panic and worry too much. So, during plumbing emergencies like a clogged drain or toilet at home, you can call a 24-hour expert plumber to solve your plumbing problem right away.

How important is plumbing for us?

Faulty pipes and other plumbing fixtures can cause leaks and delivery of unsafe water. If our plumbing is not done quite right by a skilled plumber, we are not able to cook our food, brush our teeth, bathe, wash our clothes or do anything that involves the use of clean water. 

Water is an important part of our day to day life and it is for this reason that a bad plumbing is a matter of concern for everyone and calls for an immediate fixing before things get worse.

To enjoy optimum plumbing services, let’s take a look at a few major things to consider before hiring a plumbing contractor: 

License and qualifications

Being the undisputed “doctors of the water,” plumbers need to fulfil any legal and regulatory practicing conditions. A plumber or plumbing establishment should have a license to make sure they are fully qualified and skilled at what they do.

Reputation and integrity

The integrity of a plumbing company or a plumber will tell whether their service’s reputation is good or bad. If you are proactive in searching for a plumber with a stellar and good reputation, you will enjoy a reasonable rate for the best service and quality of plumbing work.

Get an estimate up-front

Plumbing repairs and work can get expensive, so it is always wise to go for plumbers who can provide you with free quotes. This allows you to compare estimates and choose the most efficient, cost-effective and affordable one for your project.

Emergency services

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer the inconvenience of a tap leak or water overflow and need a plumber in a hurry, it is always a relief to know you have one to call. However, not all companies are offering 24/7 services, so this is something to think about when choosing your plumber. 

Read reviews and testimonials

Checking out what their previous customers say about their experiences is always a good idea. This will help you decide whom to trust and determine which of the plumbers you are considering are reliable and trustworthy. 

Check out for discounts and offers

To save money on a plumbing project, you need to know if they are offering discounts and how you can avail them. Typically, a good and well-established plumbing company is dedicated to making their customers happy and satisfied. Thus, offering a wide variety of service discount coupons is very likely.

Faster service

Before hiring a plumber, you need to check if they are capable to provide a quick service. A fast turnaround time is extremely crucial if you are facing serious plumbing issues. Moreover, it is more practical to hire the most qualified Dublin plumber near you since they can arrive faster than those who are located far away from your home in times of emergency.

Let’s face it, plumbing issues at home can be very stressful, since they can break open anytime. To prepare for extremely challenging circumstances at home, it is important that you do your research ahead of time. If you’ve already found the perfect one, save their phone number. That will come handy during emergency situations in the future.