Solid Fuel

As a homeowner, we would like to decorate our home to make everyone feel cozy and comfortable. plumber dublin, Dublin Plumber 24 hrs takes pride in installing the most high quality, reliable and stylish multi-fuel stoves, boiler stoves, insert stoves from some of the most reputable brands.

Back Boiler

A back boiler is a device which is fitted to a residential heating stove or open fireplace to enable it to provide both room heat and domestic hot water.

Solid Fuel Stove

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, solid fuel stove is a practical and very helpful feature in the home. Currently, heating a property with a solid fuel stove installed by Dublin Plumber 24 hrs. becomes increasingly a popular heating option in Ireland. 
The reason for its fame is, solid fuel is a secure and relatively cheap form of fuel providing property sufficient supply of hot water to the bathroom and kitchen taps. Being a good heating source, solar fuel may be best utilized within a complete system. Besides, solar fuels are also worth considering as a heating alternative because they help reduce CO2 emissions mainly by being a clean and renewable source of energy.
Here are Dublin Plumber tips on the factors you need to ask the following questions before you buy a stove:
  • Do you want to burn wood only ?
  • Do you want to burn coal only ?
  • Are you want multi-fuel, burn both coal and wood ?

Sort out the minimum heat requirement for your room.

Measure your room and calculate the optimum kW heat output and size of the perfect stove. If the stove is too big, it can become a safety hazard if you burn low-heat, smoldering fires. On the other hand, if it is too small, it will not warm the room enough.

Decide between inset or free-standing stoves.

Some say inset stoves supply less heat in your room because of heat loss through the chimney. However, if your room is big enough for a free-standing stove, your existing chimney can be enlarged to have the stove set back into it. The only downside is, if you have small children and animals, you need to have a one-meter pet- and kid-free zone around all heating devices.

Finish around the stove

This is crucial because ordinary plaster will crack and fall off from the heat. It is important to remember that you cannot have flammable materials such as wood. Instead, you can use either tiles or vermiculite boards which can be painted and achieve a plastered finish.

Consider lining your chimney

Depends on how old your house is, your chimney needs to be lined. This can be expensive for you though.
In general, buy the best you can afford. You will see a stove for €250 and one for €2500 that look very much the same. But to be honest, they are not the same.
The difference will be in the performance and efficiency of the stove and also the wearing of the parts such as seals around the door and etc
Overnight burn is also a nice feature to consider because not all stoves are recommended for overnight burning. Of course, it’s always nice to wake up on a winters morning with the stove still lighting.
Plumber dublin  advice, find out exactly what work you need to do with regards to your chimney or existing fireplace. If you want to find out the size of stove you need, we can tell you the perfect one that best suits your needs.
We can as well help you choose the right brand for you. Some have the bodies cast in China and are made from re-smelted metal. Don’t buy these because they easily crack.
Not all Chinese stoves are done this way but quite a few are. Look for one cast in Europe, Clearwater, Arrow, Morso. These are the very good makes I know so far.
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