Solid Fuel

Dublin Plumber 24 hrs. takes pride in installing only the most high quality ,reliable and stylish multi fuel stoves , boiler stoves ,insert stoves from some of the most reputable brands .A back boiler is a device which is fitted to a residential heating stove or open fireplace to enable it to provide both room heat and domestic hot water.
Heating a property with a solid fuel stove installed by Dublin Plumber 24 hrs. is an increasingly popular option in Ireland.
Solid Fuel is a secure and relatively cheap form of fuel and solid fuel stoves gives your property plenty of hot water as well as running complete central heating systems. Also you have to take in consideration that by heating your property using solid fuel as fuel, you are reducing your property CO2 emissions.
Dublin Plumber advice
Things to consider before buying a stove !
-do you want to burn wood only ?
-do you want to burn coal only ?
-do you want multi fuel, burn both coal and wood ?
Measure your room and get the kw rating of the stove right. If the stove is too big for the room you will not be able to sit in the room with the heat.Too small and it will not heat the room enough.
Inset or free standing. some say inset stoves gives less heat to the room as a portion of the heat is lost on the chimney breast. is your room big enough for a free-standing stove. Can your existing chimney opening be enlarged enough to have the stove set back into it. Do you have small children, if so at the very least you will need a guard.
Finish around the stove! This is important as ordinary plaster will crack and fall off from the heat. You cannot have flammable materials such as wood. so either tiles or vermiculite boards which can be painted and look like a painted plastered finish.
How old is your house, will you need your chimney lined. this is an additional cost and adds quite an expense.
Buy the best you can afford. you will see a stove for €250 and one for €2500 that look very much the same. They are not the same. The difference will be in the performance and efficiency of the stove and also the wearing of the parts such as seals around the door etc.
Overnight burn is a nice feature, not all stoves are recommended for over night burning. Nice to wake up on a winters morning with the stove still lighting.
Dublin Plumber advice, find out exactly what work you need to do as regards your chimney, existing fireplace open … first. Find out the size of stove you need and they type that best suits your needs. Then start looking at the make. Some have the bodies cast in China and are made from re-smelted metal. these will crack. Not all Chinese stoves are done this way but quite a few are. Look for one cast in Europe. Clearwater, Arrow, Morso are all very good makes as far as I know.