Boiler Services

We offer you central heating installation services in Dublin and its surroundings. With the rising cost of oil and the continuing new finds of gas fields, it is now time to switch your system of heating from OIL to GAS.
Here are our services:

  •    new high efficiency boiler and heating controls
  •    €700 GRANTS & finance available
  •    free survey & estimates

We fit & supply a wide range of eco friendly products & services for the home, garden, solar panel, geothermal heating systems, energy savings products.
You can reduce your heating bill by up to 30 %.

We cover entire DUBLIN areas. Our clients base ranges from residential customers who are looking for modern contemporary styled bathrooms.

Should I upgrade?
If your boiler is 15 years old or more then it may be worth considering replacing it. In this case you will be planning the replacement and will be in control, giving you the time to get a range of quotations and in turn reduce the cost. This is in contrast to replacing your boiler in a breakdown situation which is likely to be carried out with less research and consideration. Replacement costs tend to be lower in summer and the planned work will avoid a rushed job if the boiler breaks down in the winter months.

Oil or gas?
When replacing a boiler, the first consideration should be about which fuel to use. Generally, you should consider
replacing your boiler with one that uses the same fuel. If you have a natural gas supply then it is likely to be the lowest cost option in terms of both installation and running cost. If you don’t have a natural gas supply then the choice is between oil, LPG or pellet boilers. For rural areas or areas that are off the national gas grid, oil or LPG are viable solutions.