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Dublin Plumber 24 hrs offer an extensive range of pumping solutions & products, catering for almost every application, from residential home boosting pumps, and macerator pumps to remove waste water and a wide range of pumps for various commercial applications.plumber 

Dublin Plumber 24 hrs offers an extensive range of pressure boosting pumps that are secifically designed to meet the more demanding requirements of showering & pressure boosting in larger non residential applications such as Hotels, Care Homes, Educational Halls of Residence, Hospitals & Prisons. The range is extensive and covers the pressure boosting of a single tap. Right the way through to running several bathrooms or multiple shower blocks.


Common problems installing a water pump / Checklist

(1) Ensure that the water pump is installed the right way, the front of the water pump facing outwards.

(2) Ensure that the water pump is wired up correctly to the spur on the wall.

(3) When the water pump is installed make sure there is no leaks in the system.  For example, the toilet ball-cock might be faulty and the pump comes on continuously or every 10 minutes or so.

(4) Make sure there is water in the cold and hot water cylinders.

(5) Make sure all Valves are fully closed when installing the pump and fully open when installed. (Remember turning valves right is closing them and left is opening them).

(6) When first installing a water pump always make sure the electricity supply is isolated.

(7) When the water pump is connected and ready to go keep the power off  and run the taps and shower to eliminate any air locks that might occur in the pipes. water should still come out of the taps but no pressure. Then knock off the taps and shower and turn the power on to the water pump and turn on taps for a few seconds

(8) If the water pump stays on and does not knock off run taps again for a minute.

(9) After turning off the taps and it still stays on check the read switch on the side of the pump make sure they are on tight, these read switches are located on the side and has an arrow them facing upwards.

(10) If the water pump hunts on and off then check the flow switches, these are located in the pump behind the read switches. These flow switches can easily be taken out. Turn off the water valves and disconnect the two water out pipes from the pump and if you look down you will see a C clip keeping the flow switch in place, simply remove this clip and put a screwdriver down, because the flow switch is magnetic and it should stick to the screwdriver. Now wipe it with a cloth and put it back making sure the C clip is back incorrectly. screwdriver down, because the flow switch is magnetic and it should stick to the screwdriver. Now wipe it with a cloth and put it back making sure the C clip is back incorrectly.

(11) When installing the water pump it is a good idea to have the hot water off preventing you getting scalded by the hot water.

(12) When a water pump gives problems quite often it is not the pump that is the problem it is something else that’s causing the problem, for example, if the heating cylinder element thermostat is faulty and the hot water is too hot ( it should NOT be above 65 degrees ) this can have your water pump running continuously and cause damage to your pump. These cylinder elements are inexpensive and reassembly priced.

(13) On every negative head / universal water pump it has a vessel on it and can be pumped up with a bicycle pump the bar pressure is located on the vessel. Sometimes the vessel can be low. This is how to do it, remove the dust cap on the top of the vessel knock off the power to the pump and open up a tap then pump away.