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Shower Installation


There are a number of different types of showers currently on the market. These can be broken down into 4 popular types. These are ELECTRIC SHOWERS, MIXER VALVES. POWER SHOWERS AND PUMPED SHOWERS. Here is a brief explanation.

Electric shower installation dublin

The Electric shower is probably the most popular shower if you want hot water instantly. There are two types of instant electric shower units. One is fed from the mains water supply, the other is gravity fed from the cold water storage tank in the loft space or attic. There is a pump in the gravity fed shower to generate the pressure to operate the shower. This makes this shower slightly more expensive over the mains fed variety. However it is an ideal shower for areas where the mains water pressure is low. The supply of water also remains constant to the shower even if another water source is turned on. This means no more jumping away when the water goes hot and cold.

Mixer Valves

There are many types of mixer valves but these can generally be broken down into two types, thermostatic, and manual. These showers do not heat the water instantly but blend cold water with hot that has been heated from another source. This could be your oil or gas boiler or immersion group. The manual shower has a hot and cold water supply to the unit. The water is blended in the valve and exits through either a fixed or adjustable shower head. The thermostatic shower is similar in construction but with the addition of a built in thermostat. This allows the valve to automatically adjust its self, in the event of another water source being turned on in the vicinity. These units tend to be more expensive because of the extra part count.

Power showers

Power showers are similar in appearance to an electric shower in that all the components are housed in a box on the wall. They operate in a very similar way to the mixer valve, but have the benefit of a built in pump to increase the pressure, or volume, of water going through the unit. They come in both a manual and thermostatic version, but again do not heat the water like an electric shower. Hot and cold water are blended in the unit and pumped out through the head. As a rough rule of thumb this type of shower can supply 15 to 18 litres of water a minute, compared with an electric shower delivering about 5 litres of hot water per minute.

Pumped showers

Generally this term is related to a situation where the actual shower unit is mounted on the wall of the shower enclosure, and the pump is located elsewhere. This could be in the loft space, or out house, but generally they are fitted in the hot press beside the cylinder. If a shower with body jets or a rain/drench type shower head is to be fitted consideration should be given to fitting a larger pump to give increased pressure or water flow. Do bear in mind when fitting this type of system, a larger tank and hot water cylinder may need to be employed to cope with the higher water demand.

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