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12 Things You should know When the Dublin plumber re-plumb A House

  1. Assessment: This includes identifying issues with your current plumbing such as corrosion, leaks and outdated materials,


  1. Planning: A developed plan for the new plumbing system is made which includes the types of pipes to use.


  1. Preparing the Permits and Regulation Obtain permits and compliance according to the building codes and regulations to start the re-plumbing project.


  1. Water Supply will be Shut off This to prevent any accidents or flooding within the premises.


  1. Old Plumbing Materials will be removed, old pipes and fixtures are replaced, In addition tearing into wails, floors and ceilings are inevitable.


  1. Installation of new materials New Pipes are possibly installed in accordance to the new plan of your plumbing.


  1. Plumbing fittings and Fixtures Showers, Sinks, toilets and appliances are sometimes restructured and other necessary components,


  1. Pressure Testing : Pressure testing is usually done to check plumbing issues or in  case leaks may happen.


  1. Insulation may be added This will reduce the risk of freezing in cold climates,


  1. Drywall Repair Tested the walls, floors and ceilings your Dublin plumber will repair them as necessary.


  1. Your Property will undergo Inspection Often required to ensure that your new plumbing system complies with the building codes and regulations.


  1. Restoring structural elements Fix things that has been disturbed during the re plumbing


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