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What To Do With Gas Leaks At Home

Natural gas is the most preferred energy source because of its affordability. Today, many homes in Ireland are now using natural gas to provide heat and run other appliances. Despite its cost-effectiveness, natural gas is highly combustible and extremely harmful to your health. Gas leaks rarely and slowly happen, but they are poisonous and equally dangerous because it can cause fire and explosion hazards.

So, when you encounter gas leaks wherever and whenever you are, you need to take note of the following procedures:

Shut off Gas Supply at the Main Shutoff Valve

This is the first thing to do when you notice a gas leak. After turning off the gas main supply, it is also necessary to check the pipes and tubes by covering them with soap suds. When air bubbles appear, it means that there is a leak. When air bubbles form, identify the source of the leak. You can do this by locating the holes and then seal it.

In addition, hearing a hissing sound means the leak is strong and hence dangerous. If you are unable to repair the leak by yourself, get in touch with your plumber to get necessary professional help. One important tip for you is, avoid opening your doors and windows to contain the fumes if you haven’t closed the gate valve or turned off the main gas supply.

The idea is, we need to keep the fume inside the house and avoid spreading them into your neighbor's backyard.

Avoid Lighting a Fire, Turning on The Lights or Cellphone Usage

If there is a leak, lighting a match or using a lighter could cause an explosion. Switch off anything that is lighting and burning, including appliances. Anything that causes a little spark is absolutely a no-no when a natural gas leak is suspected.

General Safety Tips

If the leak cannot be stopped or uncontrollable, it is very important to evacuate everyone in the house or building and head to a safe location.
Also, secure all animals and pets. At this point, it is very crucial to take action. Do not use the elevator during evacuation and help disabled persons to go down a flight of stairs. As soon as the authorities arrive, lead them to the where the leak is. You will be asked to stay away until they completely checked the area and confirmed that the place is habitable again.

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